Fonte: Felipe Milanez/Entitle Blog | Imagem: Repórter Brasil

Publicado em 15.06.2017

Even when the police doesn’t kill in Pará, Brazil, it still lets others do the killing.

The coup and the political power of the rural sector in Brasília have provided Amazonian gunmen with a carte blanche. We are living in times of death. The massacre of nine men and one woman in Pau D’Arco, on the Santa Lucia ranch in southern Pará, on Wednesday 24 May, brings back the memory of terrible times and the return of terror. The massacres of the past are being repeated in Pará.

These collective deaths are perpetrated by groups of gunmen at the orders of ranchers. Death jobs that are executed like horror movies with torture, multiple shots and cruelty, and which are followed by parties celebrating the victory of the big ranchers and the destruction of the poor. Adventures that are told with a hunter’s pride.

Leia reportagem completa (em inglês), publicada originalmente na página do MST.